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Alpbach, one of Austria's most beautiful villages!

Highly awarded for its unique flower decorations and the unparalleled uniform architecture.

The Alpbachtal makes a wonderful hiking base, comprising some 160km of hiking trails leading through softly rolling hills and lush pasturelands.

Alpbach was awarded several times:
- Austria's most beautiful village
- Europe's most beautiful flower village
- Austria's best drinking water quality (Alpbach Crystal Water) - best quality straight from the mountains. The tap water is, of course, drinkable!


Although Alpbach made its first appearance...

... in the chronicles only in 1150, it was settled already at the turn of the millenium by the Bavarii.

In 1860 a bronze axe was found at Steinberg Joch saddleback (crossing to Zillertal valley) and it is assumed that this crossing was used before Hallstatt time.

In the 7th and 8th century Irish and Scottish monks started christianization. The patron saint of the parish church (the tower dates back to 1440, the nave to 1754) is Saint Oswald, the former King of Northumbria in England.

At the beginning of the 15th century copper and silver ore was found at Gratlspitz, Schatzberg and Luegergraben.
Back then already two guesthouses existed: "Böglerhof" guesthouse and "Jakober" guesthouse, the latter was only a brandy tavern. In the middle of the 19th century mining was discontinued due to little output.

In Inneralpbach, above the small church, there is the "Vorder-Unterberg" farm, where people lived until 1952, and the farm house museum. The parlour, the chapel, the curing room and some 800 commodities can be visited there.

Because of the secluded location (the road to Alpbach has only existed since 1926) the area developed a unique architectural style. Traditions also were preserved longer than elsewhere and in many other valleys of the province.



110 guest beds in 1938; some 2,500 guest beds today.
Inhabitants: 2,633
105 farms (same number as 100 years ago)

Since 1945 the village has hosted the European Forum Alpbach held in August (2 weeks). A meeting place for countless personalities and experts in the field of politics, industry, science and culture.

The traditional architecture has been preserved in Alpbach thanks to an official resolution. Alpbach was awarded the "clean air certificate" in 1975.

In August 1983 Alpbach won the title "Austria's most beautiful village" and in 1993 Alpbach was declared "Europe's most beautiful flower village"

The new Congress Centrum Alpbach was opened in 1999 on the occasion of the 55th edition of the European Forum Alpbach.
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